Rick's Projects in Cambodia

Rick's Projects in Cambodia

Building sustainability through self sufficiency
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Since 2011 Rick Garson has been volunteering in Cambodia, tirelessly helping to better the lives of Cambodian families through organising, promoting and supporting self sustaining projects for individual families and whole villages.

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A donation of food staples to an impoverished Cambodian village


What ever you can manage will be greatly appreciated

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A few words from Rick

Hi, I’m Rick and since 2011 I have been Volunteering in Cambodia 6 months out of each year to help struggling families.

Being a qualified builder by trade has allowed me to provide much needed assistance to Cambodian families and entire villages through the construction and repair of homes, water wells, sanitary/septic systems while also providing maintenance for schools and assisting with medical and education expenses.

I do this using my own money well as money I have raised while working in Australia and through this website, my friends, GoFundMe and my Facebook page.  All money that is raised goes directly to the people in need, there are no administration costs, no fundraising costs and no management fees. If you give a dollar, they get a dollar!

Its amazing how much help even a small amount of money can contribute to these people’s self sufficiency.

A photo of Rick Garson volunteering in Cambodia

Rick is able to help struggling families through donations from people like yourself, people who are looking to help with volunteering in Cambodia

The Cambodian People


Have no access to clean water


Have no access to improved sanitation


Cannot afford enough food

A sign erected by Rick giving credit to the donors who made the volunteering in Cambodia project possible

Rick always gives credit where credit is due

School children wearing uniforms paid for by Rick while volunteering in Cambodia

Rick pays for uniforms, books and school fees for underprivileged children from Cambodian villages

So, Tell me about your volunteering in Cambodia…

Ricks projects in Cambodia is an initiative created and facilitated by Rick Garson.

He promotes and supports self sustaining projects for individual families and whole villages who live in poverty stricken areas where the living conditions are very poor, often without shelter from the elements, which poses many health issues for them, considering they endure an extreme wet season for six months of the year.

Another major and wide spread difficulty for them is safety and security as most homes are without a door that locks and are built from fire hazardous materials, such as deteriorated palm leaves.

Rick employees all local Khmer people for the construction and all manual work carried out throughout the projects. This greatly assists them financially while instilling a sense of pride and self empowerment.

What sort of projects does Rick organise?

Building Homes

Repairing Homes

Installing Sanitary Facilities

Installing Water Wells

Repairing Water Wells

Providing rice and other food staples

Purchasing bicycles for transport

Purchasing school uniforms and learning materials

Help Rick to help Cambodian families in need

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