Rick's Projects in Cambodia

Rick's Projects in Cambodia


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A donation of food staples to an impoverished Cambodian village


What ever you can manage will be greatly appreciated

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The idea for Rick’s projects in Cambodia came about as a result of a trip I took in 2011. I travelled to Cambodia with the intention of offering my assistance in which ever way I was able to at the time, for a period of just three months. Being a builder I felt confident that I would be offering useful and productive skills, volunteering in remote rural villages that were currently operating without adequate housing, schools and medical centres.

Little did I know that I would end up living the larger part of the subsequent years of my life in this remarkable country, working beside some of the most resilient and grateful people I have had the honour of knowing.

Their ability to forgive and accept their horrifying past, and just pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and move into the best future possible with such determination and grace, struck me deeply and became the catalyst to my current mission with my projects in Cambodia.

Rick helps so many people in need. I know I can donate and the money goes straight to the people living in poverty for food and to improve their quality of life via clean drinking water, wells, roof repairs and so much more

Amy Lewis



Over the past three years I have been focusing on enabling families to become more self sustaining, by way of providing support and assistance in enhancing their businesses.

My current and future goals are to focus more in this area, as it has become self evident that this is the most beneficial mode of assistance, as it not only promotes sustainability for the family, but generates productive community growth.

An important aspect of all projects in Cambodia is the follow up maintenance that I provide, to ensure ongoing functionality of all works.

Most recently I have been able to assist a family who were operating a hand wash laundry business that was functioning with very little and bringing in only a minimal income, by upgrading the quality of water storage and drainage, along with the purchase of an 13kg electric washing machine and water pump, has greatly increased their income and general quality of life.

A good thing to support comes from the heart and my heart beats for the people of Cambodia.

Michael Schmale



All my projects in Cambodia are made possible through donations from people from all around the world and from my own pocket.

I spend a considerable amount of time explaining and demonstrating to many people just what enormous positive change can occur with as little as $10.

Many people who would love to help out, have often thought that they would need to donate large amounts and or commit to an on going payment, so have been reluctant to do so. However, once they can see that their once off payment of a minimal amount can actually provide a family with food for one whole week and or go towards aiding in securing better health care and adequate housing, they are generally most happy to assist in whatever way they are able.

I personally oversee every aspect of all my projects in Cambodia, from the purchase of all materials, hands on construction through to completion of project. This ensures that 100% of all money received goes directly to all projects.


… and where does it go?

These are the average costs of the projects in Cambodia that I most commonly undertake. The goal here is to provide families and villages with the facilities and resources to allow them to live and work safely as well as to create a better quality of life for themselves and their children.

The following costs are in U.S dollars, the unofficial currency of Cambodia


Rick's projects in Cambodia donating food to remote Cambodian village

Food staples: 1 day for a family of 4

Good rice: 50kg bag


Rick's projects in Cambodia repairing a village's water well

Water filters for clean drinking water

Water well & pump


One of Rick's projects in Cambodia, Here Rick is building a home for a Cambodian family

New tin roof for a standard home

New home: 5m X 4m


Rick's projects in Cambodia building a toilet and septic tank for a Cambodian family

Toilet with septic tank - 1m X 1m

Washroom with toilet: 2m X 2m


One of Rick's projects in Cambodia, donating school fees to underprivileged Cambodian children

English fees for one child: 1 year

University fees: 1 Year


Rick's projects in Cambodia donating bicycles to a remote Cambodian village

Bicycle for local transport

Second hand motorcycle to help with finding work

Want to see some of my recent projects?

God bless you Rick..you are doing a fantastic job!! xxx

Fay Hills



Its a sad but true fact of life that corruption and diversion of funds can sometimes mean that money donated to a particular cause may not reach its intended recipients or achieve its intended purpose. If I simply give money to a family member for food, education or health care, how do I guarantee that the money is actually spent on these things?

I decided after the first year in Cambodia to help by installing wells, sanitation and the building/repairing of homes and not to hand any money over to families but to see to it that their needs are taken care of and to pay in person for all costs associated with assisting them.

My promise to you is that I will:
– personally oversee every project and purchase all materials used on every project.
– personally purchase the bicycles, school uniforms and food supplies.
– personally pay all school, university and medical fees.
– ensure that 100% of the funds that I receive are used to help improve the lives of Cambodian families.  

Help Rick to help Cambodian families in need

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